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Our Agenda.

As a psychologist and educator, I believe every one of us has the inherent potential for greatness. This means our society also has the potential for shared greatness. To unlock these potentials though, we all have basic needs that must be met. We are not making that a priority in our society. Harsh individualism and narcissism have replaced and distorted our sense of community and striving for the greater good. I believe the reason we have fallen off track is because so many in our society are not getting their basic needs met. Human dignity can easily go out the window when so many of us are hurting. I believe government has a crucial role in shaping the society by helping all people meet their basic needs.

That is why my campaign goal is to put North Carolina First. We deserve leaders that will always fight for progress and the betterment of all our lives. North Carolinians deserve to have members of the General Assembly that are not satisfied with the mediocre status quo and some of the lowest of state rankings in some of the most important areas of our lives. Realistically, I understand we are not going to be able to raise our rankings to first on every major issue immediately, but North Carolinians should be able to trust that their representatives are going to continue fighting tirelessly toward that goal. If our leaders are not willing to work for us in reaching those goals, they do not deserve to be leaders.

It is time we elected leaders that indeed, believe in North Carolina First. I ask that you join me in this fight and support my campaign for North Carolina House District 15. I also ask that you support all Democrats from the bottom of the ticket to the top, so we can all reach those inherent potentials of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that our founders believed were important enough to fight for.

Our Healthcare

I believe healthcare is a human right. Unfortunately, far too many people in our state, and country, are effectively left without this fundamental need being met. Even if one has health insurance, premium costs and lackluster coverage stand as barriers to health. No one should be denied care for an illness or chronic condition because of where they live, what they look like, or how much money they have. And yet, every day, millions of North Carolinians make painful decisions between going to a doctor’s appointment or taking an extra shift at work. Filling their prescription or putting food on the table. Getting treated or paying their bills. We must ensure that North Carolinians can get access to preventive care, prescription drugs, nearby hospitals, mental health services, maternal care, and more. I want to tear down the barriers that prevent too many North Carolinians from accessing care so that we can all thrive in a brighter, healthier North Carolina. I will continue to fight until every North Carolinian is covered.

Our Education

In North Carolina we have a constitutional mandate that our students receive a “sound, basic education (Leandro vs. State of North Carolina)”. We are currently failing to live up to that standard. Significant reforms and investments are needed to elevate our public schools to be a beacon of light for the rest of the country to aspire to. North Carolinians deserve better than a below average education. Our society is only as strong as our education systems allow it to be. We need a well-educated populace for a strong future in our local communities, state, nation, and world. As an educator and product of public schools myself, I value public education and will do everything I can to make a world-class education a reality for all North Carolinians. From pre-k to public higher education, we will build systems that will be the envy of the country. I am the candidate that will champion our public education system in North Carolina and give all our children the very best. That is always my goal, and I will not rest until we reach the summit.

Our Democracy

There is no more important right in a democracy than our right to vote. Sadly, the voices of so many in North Carolina have been silenced by voter suppression tactics, gerrymandered districts, and Republican attempts at reversing the will of the people. Voting is our very best tool that we can use to enact change regarding local, state, and federal issues that affect nearly every facet of our lives. Ever-changing election laws, racially discriminatory voting barriers, and the wide spread of unchecked disinformation, though, have created unnecessary challenges for many North Carolina voters. The protection of our democracy should not be a partisan issue. The many decades of racially discriminatory and partisan gerrymandering of our electoral districts must end. It should be significantly easier to vote in this country and state so the people can be heard. More people active in the voting process strengthens our shared representation in Raleigh and beyond. Let us make it so all our voices are heard, not just a powerful few. We need representatives that will make the government work for the average person, not special interests and the extremely wealthy. I believe in a government that can help you when you need it, does not get in the way of your living the life you want, and one that makes sure your tax dollars are spent wisely. We all know the success of our country depends on the success of our people. A fully functioning people-powered government can provide the infrastructure and resources for everyone to be free to thrive. When the basic needs of everyone are met, we grow together. Every North Carolinian, no matter their race, background, or zip code, deserve leaders who will deliver on our shared priorities. I will be one of those leaders.

Our Economy and Our Jobs

Everyone deserves the freedom and opportunity to thrive. But too many people in North Carolina are overworked and underpaid. Democrats believe we can change the status quo, so that North Carolina is a place where we can work together to achieve and share in broad prosperity for all. That is why they are working to bring down the costs of basic needs, like childcare, healthcare, education, and energy, and to create even more high-quality, good-paying jobs for hardworking people. It is time we build an economy where prosperity grows from the bottom up, and the middle out so that working families, small businesses, and family farmers have the opportunities and tools they need to build a good life. Everyone deserves to have a job that pays them a living wage and fuels our economic engine. We all need infrastructure improvements to support a booming society. We must strengthen the social safety net, so when someone falls, they can get a helping hand up again. I believe all hardworking people deserve a shot to get ahead. It is time to level the playing field and crack down on greedy, rule-breaking corporate CEOs that hoard wealth by choosing not to pay their workers fairly and refusing to pay their fair share of taxes. It is time to replace the regressive Republicans in the General Assembly that have put their wealthy donors and their insatiable appetite for power ahead of the average North Carolinian.

Our Environment

Democrats know how precious our natural resources and spaces are in North Carolina. We recognize the threat of climate change not only puts our access to clean air and safe drinking water at risk, but also our ability to live, work, and enjoy our lives. I will fight for stronger environmental protections and more investment in high-quality, good paying jobs in clean energy because it is the only way to ensure we can have a safe, healthy future where we can all continue to thrive. Meanwhile, neglectful Republicans continue to act on behalf of their wealthy corporate donors and lobbyists in the oil and gas industry. They deny the effects of climate change we can see with our own eyes, all while pocketing millions of dollars to continue to let industrial polluters and reckless corporations operate unchecked. Their desire to stay in power has meant they have blocked any progress we could make on climate change reversal, putting us all at harm. We must act now to protect our people and our places. This is not a fight we can afford to lose, and I will not back down from this challenge.

Protecting Our Rights

The Supreme Court made a harmful and short-sighted decision in the Dobbs ruling. Not only did the decision reverse five decades of legal precedent about the right to choose regarding women’s healthcare, but it also put in doubt the future of all other privacy rights protected under some of the most important decisions in SCOTUS history. The rights to birth control, privacy in the bedroom, and to marry any person one chooses are all on the chopping block. Human rights should never be left up to voters in any state in the nation, but since that is where regressive justices have led us, this is where we will defend North Carolinians’ rights. The Dobbs ruling reversed the protections found in Roe v. Wade, but women still have a choice in states that afford those protections. We must elect representatives that will codify protections of reproductive rights, including abortion procedures and birth control. We must also affirm with legislation the decisions that finally brought the right to sexual privacy and marriage between any consenting adults regardless of sex, gender identity or race. Robust anti-discrimination legislation must also be passed. Ratification of the ERA and protections for those in the LGBTQ+ community are important actions a progressive General Assembly should take immediately. Activists have been fighting for these rights for decades, finally realizing them, just to see them taken away again. I will not allow that to happen to the people of North Carolina.

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